ISP Relations

We hate spam it's important that ISP's do their job correctly and receive and take care of all complaints. Our ISP's are trusted contacts of ours. We monitor them and ensure that they are doing their job! Some ISP's have spammers and its very important that your ISP does not.

Security Consulting

We're aware that your customer database is the most important information that you have. Since we are experts- your safe with us. We ensure your list is secure.

Hardware Connectivity

Knowing where to base your ISP/server is important due to the location of your target audience. We make sure to put your server in the right location depending on your needs (server locations/speed optimization).


We do customization and integration (such as integrating our products into our client's CRM)

TargetSend knows how to combat these difficult hurdles and pave the road to the inbox. As a serious business in today's economy you can't afford to fail in your email marketing.